My name is Kate Stockwell, owner of Timeless Beauty and I have been a beauty therapist for 14 years. I love all aspects of my job, but my favourite is makeup.
A few years ago I decided to specialise in wedding and vintage style makeup.

I operate as a mobile therapist

In my personal life I am often recognised by my love of all things vintage, in fact I lead an almost complete vintage lifestyle. My everyday look usually involves pin curls, winged eyeliner and red lipstick, while my clothes and acessories are often real vintage pieces. I like to bring some of that timeless beauty into the work that I offer.

I have two children so at the moment my business hours reflect what I can work around, however I have many plans for the future.

Prices start from just £5 for an eyebrow wax, so please feel free to contact me with any questions

Lash and Brow Treatments

Eyelash & Brow

Eyelash Tinting

If the lashes are naturally fair, having them tinted will create a much more dramatic look for your eyes.

Lash tinting is a process where your eyelashes are dyed to make them look darker and is a great option for women who have busy or active lifestyles as you wake up looking like you already have make-up on. When combined with an eyebrow shape it will give your eyes lift, definition and freshness.

Tinting benefits:

  • Enhance general appearance of eyes

Eyebrow Shaping

An change of eyebrow shape can completely change your look. It can give you a well groomed appearance and will accentuate your eyes.
Suitable eyebrow shapes are determined by face and eye shape and last up to 4 weeks.

Eyebrow Shaping benefits:

  • Balance facial features
  • Lift eyes

Eyelash & BrowTreatments Offered:

  • Eyebrow Shape – £5
  • Eyebrow Tint – £5
  • Eyelash Tint – £10